Total Supply specializes in sourcing for your Company’s needs. We want to maximize your profits, ensure a consistent supply of quality product, and only source safe, non-toxic RoHS compliant products.

Overseas Manufacturing Sourcing Cycle

1) Connect With Total Supply & Communicate Your Needs

Your Company would like to:

  • Decrease the price of your inputs

  • Increase the quality of your inputs

  • Improve the consistency of your inputs

  •  Optimize the sourcing of your inputs

  • Optimize the supply chain for your inputs

Total Supply Can Help To:

  • Obtain multiple manufacturer quotations

  • Preform on-site manufacturer quality assurance and quality control ensuring products pass RoHS compliance

  • Obtain physical samples from various manufacturers 

  • Ensure your shipments are scheduled appropriately according to your needs

2) Total Supply works With trusted manufacturing partners for quotations and physical samples

• We have experienced sourcing managers and engineers on staff who will assist with valuable engineering studies to ensure that no specification is too complex or sophisticated.

• Total Supply will also actively negotiate on your behalf to get the best price and for the required quality desired. This can include; Negotiating the manufacturing price to obtain the best value for your money, negotiating the manufacturers’ MOQ (minimum order quantity) and attempting to mitigate any surcharges for doing so (for smaller orders), and negotiating the manufacturing price based upon volume to obtain volume discounts.

• We will also ensure that all possible customizations to YOUR product are included.

3) Total Supply will present your Company with quotes and physical samples will be expedited to you

• We will also conduct laboratory testing for compliances such as RoHS, UL, CSA, CE, etc. compliance testing with internationally recognized testing laboratories on behalf of your Company and provide the testing results as well as compliance certificates.

4) Total Supply will work with you on perfecting your product

• Inspect your physical sample and determine whether the pricing fits your Company’s budget.

• Total Supply will work with you on pricing when we discuss the volume being considered.

• Total Supply will help you to communicate any of your changes to the manufacturer.

5) Only when you are satisfied, Total Supply will move forward with manufacturing your product

• Total Supply will only tell the manufacturer to produce your product when YOU are ready.

6) Only when we are satisfied with the product, will we move forward with shipping your product

• Total Supply is your eyes and ears on the ground level inside of the manufacturing facilities. We will conduct sample testing, including FAI (First Article Inspection), to ensure that the products coming off the production line conform to the standards that you have set. Total Supply will outright reject out-of-specification products before it even leaves the manufacturing facility. Production processes and packaging standards will be regularly reviewed for quality as well.

7) Total Supply can handle the supply chain, including packing, shipping, and importation tariffs and taxes

• In a traditional relationship with a manufacturer overseas, once the product is packed into the container and the doors close, the relationship ends. Whatever you receive when you open the container in North America, you are stuck with, including almost no recourse to the original manufacturer.

• The difference with Total Supply is that where most relationships and responsibilities end, that’s where our responsibilities begin. When you open the container at your warehouse and you have indicated that you are satisfied is when Total Supply’s responsibilities end.

• Total Supply will ensure safe transit of your products to your destination.

• Total Supply will do whatever it takes to ensure you are a satisfied customer because we don’t want our relationship to end.

• Total Supply wants to ensure that the product you receive meets all of your needs that you communicated to us. We are listening and we want you to feel heard.

• If for some reason there is a mistake or a product issue, Total Supply will do whatever it takes to remedy the issue immediately. Only until YOU ARE FULLY SATISFIED that our responsibilities for that shipment ends.

We are ready when you are!