Our Mission and Promise

Total Supply is a Winnipeg Manitoba-based sourcing solution. We provide high-quality products to our clients meeting all their supply needs. We listen to fulfill your needs including (but not limited to) budget, product specifications, delivery schedule, and more to ensure you have the right product(s) at exactly the right time all while ensuring your satisfaction. At Total Supply, we strive to provide a stress-free sourcing experience for all.

At Total Supply we undertake the sourcing challenge for you…


  • We built and continue to maintain excellent B2B relationships with manufacturers and distributors both domestically and overseas.

  • You send us the specifications and description of your requirements and we source the manufacturer that best suits your product and budget needs.

  • At Total Supply, we ensure you receive hands-on samples and prototypes from the factories in order to guarantee your satisfaction and quality.

  • All items sourced from overseas are Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) Compliant, which means high quality and safe imported products. Our goal is to ensure you and your customers have the ultimate satisfaction.
  • Is your company having challenges sourcing products?

  • Are you wondering if you can find a better price for certain materials or inputs your company needs? 

  • Have you or your business ever dreamed of having private labelled merchandise?

Your Stress-Free Sourcing Solution